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Congratulations to the Class of 2017!

Join us in celebrating and praying for the men of the Class of 2017. Ordained to the Priesthood, they now embark on a journey that brings them to the people of God daily as they spread the Good News of the Lord.  They answered the call to this vocation, and their unique backgrounds of being formed as priests coupled with additional first career skills in teaching, government administration, military, automotive work, retail management and social work is sure to make them especially adept at reaching and relating to many in their dioceses.  We are proud of the work they have done at the Seminary and enthusiastically support their work in the Church as Roman Catholic priests.  Ad multos annos!

Anthony Cipolle
Diocese of Portland

Mark Brantley
Diocese of Dodge City

John Cronin
Diocese of Albany

Joseph Maalouf
Archdiocese of Miami

Michael Panicali
Diocese of Brooklyn

David Green
Diocese of Pittsburgh

Eric Iván García Concepción
Diocese of Mayaguez

Daniel Olvera
Diocese of Columbus



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