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On February 22nd, the Pope St. John XXIII community gathered for Mass celebrated by the Most Rev. Martin William Currie, Archbishop of St. John’s, Newfoundland Labrador. The occasion was the Admission to Candidacy of three seminarians. These men have been formally approved by their Bishops and accepted as worthy candidates for Holy Orders.

Following the Mass and Rite of Acceptance, we gathered to share a wonderful meal prepared by our own chefs. The Pope St. John XXIII spirit was in clear evidence throughout.

We offer heartfelt congratulations and prayerful support to:

On February 19th, Rev. William Palardy, Pope St. John XXIII National Seminary Rector, and Carlos Gomez '16, seminarian from the Diocese of Des Moines, Iowa were guests on Bishop Richard Pates weekly radio show - In the Heartland With Bishop Pates.

Click here to listen to the show.

It was truly an exciting day on campus as we began our second semester today - Seminary Rector, Reverend William Palardy, blessed our new Learning Center.  We gathered together as a community to give thanks to God for our new Learning Center and for all the work that has been done by so many people, in planning, building, and donating to our Pathway to the Future Campaign.

John Healy might have been the perfect guy to be there when anguished Lynn residents asked, “Why?” following yesterday morning’s conflagration that claimed four lives.

“I think of a line from an old spiritual that tells us, ‘We’ll understand it better by and by.’ ”

With him, that’s not theoretical theology.

At 65, a priest for only three years, Father John lost his wife, Mary, a decade ago, just two weeks shy of their 30th anniversary.

Forty seminarians made a pilgrimage to see Pope Francis in Washington, DC. On the way to Washington, I read the Pope’s biography and learned this was his first trip to America. Think of it, instead of us going to see the Pope in Rome, the Pope was actually coming to see us here in the U.S.!  His biography related many similarities to some of our influences; he was a cardinal like Cardinal O’Malley, a bishop like Bishop Uglietto, a seminary rector like Father Palardy, a spiritual director like Father Murphy, and a teacher before becoming a priest.


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