Edgar Serrano
Class Year

Edgar Serrano is originally from Bogotá-Colombia, South America, where he worked as a dance / acting teacher for children and youth from preschool to High School. He also trained employees of different companies on how to improve living conditions. Edgar moved to the USA in 1999, worked in the customer service industry, and volunteered in community theater for years. “I was baptized Catholic yet took a different spiritual path for many years. By the grace of God, and due to a tragedy in my family, I returned to Catholicism – with formidable strength! After additional formation, I worked as a Director of the Hispanic Ministry in my community serving in all possible roles in the church, including leading prayer groups and retreats for the last 12 years. This led to my entering the Permanent Diaconate program for 2 years until my new pastor, PSJS Alum Fr. Ivan Olmo ’13, took me out of my comfort zone and advised me to discern my vocation to the priesthood even at my age. Together we were able to encourage the Bishop and Vocations Director of the importance of training at PSJS… and here I am!”