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Welcome from the Director of Recruitment


Thank you for your interest in the priestly formation program for mature men here at Pope St. John XXIII National Seminary. Your review of our new website is a fine way to gain insights into seminary life and to learn about our programs and policies. We have tried to provide fresh information to ground your discernment in the vibrant reality that is Pope St. John Seminary. I would strongly encourage you to read about our seminarians and, if you do, I’m sure you’ll quickly realize that they represent an amazing array of backgrounds, experiences and interests. I like to say that there is no “typical” seminarian here.

Perhaps that awareness may lead you to feel that you would be comfortable in this diverse atmosphere where men of varying ages and accomplishments are united by a serious desire to explore the validity of their “call’ to follow Christ and serve His beloved people. If you feel drawn to live a vigorous and challenging life of service to the Church then you should consider exploring that call. A conversation with your parish priest is a very good place to start the process. That may lead to encouragement to deepen that conversation with your diocesan Vocation Director. You may have noticed from the website’s section on “Admissions” that formal sponsorship by a diocese or a religious order is a requirement for admission to Pope St. John Seminary. I am also available to assist with questions about the Seminary and its formation program. I promise to help you as much as I can, in fact, I consider it to be a privilege.

Please feel encouraged to contact me at or 781-899-5500 should you have any questions or comments.

We invite you to follow us on FaceBook for up to the minute information and glimpses of life at PSJS.

Finally, please pray for our seminarians and know that the Pope St. John community regularly prays for all who are listening to the Lord’s call to service and devotion. May God bless your prayerful discernment and guide your steps. 


Ken Watts

Ken Watts
Recruitment Coordinator
Pope St. John XXIII National Seminary

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