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Statement of Effectiveness

In the summer of 2011, Sr. Katarina Schuth, OSF, completed the analysis of a survey of Pope St. John XXIII alumni, taken earlier that year. The ages of the respondents ranged from 45 to 84, with a median age of 62. The survey indicated that 90% of the respondents were still active in ministry, 7% semi-retired, 1.5% retired and 1.5% had left the priesthood. Sixty percent of respondents were pastors of parishes, with 20% serving as chaplains. Ninety-six percent described themselves as 'happy' or as 'very happy' in their ministry.

Those surveyed were asked to rate on a scale of 1 (not well prepared) to 5 (well prepared), how well the seminary prepared them for priestly ministry. In the area of pastoral formation, the seminary received an average rating of 4.51 out of 5.0. In the area of intellectual formation, seminary received an average rating of 4.47, in spiritual formation, 4.45, and in human formation 4.36. Overall, the alumni felt themselves well prepared for priestly ministry by Pope St. John XXIII.

A separate survey was sent to pastors where newly ordained Pope St. John National Seminary alumni were assigned as associate pastors. The survey was sent to the pastors approximately six months after the PSJS alumni's priestly ordinations; it was sent every year beginning in 2013. The numbers given below are averages of the pastors' responses for 2013-2017.  Focus was given to the four pillars: pastoral, human, spiritual and academic.  The pastors were asked to rate the associate pastors for overall proficiency in these four areas on a scale of 1 (poor) to 5 (exceptional).  In the area of pastoral formation, the average was 4.21 out of 5 for the years 2013-2017; in human formation, 4.08, in spiritual formation, 4.31 and in academic /intellectual formation, 4.42.  Overall, pastors have been very satisfied in the efficiency and preparedness of the associate pastors assigned to them who have been formed at Pope St. John XXIII National Seminary.  

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